Blocked Drains:


Blocked drains are a common problem. In the case of foul water this is at best, extremely unpleasant, but can pose a risk to health, cause other damage to property and a huge amount expense and inconvenience.


Blockages occurs when the normal run of the drain becomes interupted; this could be a collapsed drain, roots, foriegn objects, scale, fat deposit and anything else that obstructs the flow of wate through the drain.


It does not take much imagination to see how unpleasant a blocked drain can be. If left the drain will begin to overflow into surrounding terrain no longer contained within the cofine of the drainage system.


Chemical cleaners are of very little use in dealing with these situations. DIY attempts to clear drains may well provide interim success, but often the underlying cause will not be found or dealt with.


In order to access the drain itself often the manhole/s will need to be emptied before an attempt to clear the drain made. The use of drainage rods can indeed be very effective at clearing the drain, however for more stubborn blockages the use of a high pressure jetting system will invariably be much more effective at clearing the lumen of a drain.


To minimise the risk of foriegn objects blocking the drain, avoid placing things such as nappy liners, sanitary and paper towels into the drain. Regular inspection of the manholes can identify those problems that may occur more insiduously; check the run to ensure there is no backing up of waste, that the waste runs smothly and quickly and that the general condition of the manhole is in good repair: this may also help in reducing unwelcome vermin entering your property from within the drainage system.


WC Plumbing, offer a quick an competitive service and aim to deal swiftly with any blocked drains. We realise that a blockage could mean your health and property could be at risk and want to get things running and clean as quickly as possible.


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