Drain CCTV Survey

Whether you have a drainage problem or are wanting a home buyers drainage report; Video of the drain can clearly identify problems that may in turn become an expensive and unpleasant nightmare

A special flexible camera is passed along the run of drain and dynamic images recorded to provide evidence of the degree of damage and give good estimation of where to begin in the event of repair. The video is transferred to disc and you can either keep this for your records or pass it on to your insurer or mortgage broker.

In order to do a survey the drain needs to be running and not full of waste water. In the event of a blocked drain, you will need to have the drain cleared prior to a survey being done. In the event of serious damage to the drain, the camera may not be able to pass through the full run if there a serious blockage e.g. massive root intrusion or serious collapse of the pipe.


CALL 0800 1214 720

CALL 0800 1214 720

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