Mains Water Supply


Do know who is responsible for your mains water supply?

The property owner/s normally have responsibility for the mains water supply from the main stopcock as supplied and maintained by the water provider. If you have a water meter, this will usually also be the mains stopcock point.

Problems with mains supply pressure and or flow rates will affect the efficiancy of you aplliances, in particularly your boiler, water softeners, washing machine dishwasher and shower.

The water supplier normally have minimum standards of pressure and flow e.g. Anglian Water state thier minimum standard as: " water pressure of 10 metres static head at the boundary stop tap with a flow of nine litres per minute".

Your supply can often be adversly affected by the mains pipe on your property having a too small diameter, scale build up or damage to the pipework.

Problems usually affect older pipework; galvanised steel and lead pipes are particularly problematic.

Problem pipework is now being replaced by using polypipe, using a 25mm diameter for domestic supply. This helps to optimise your supply flow and pressure.

Renewing the mains supply from the stopcock to your internal supply can be costly. It would normally require extensive digging, and potential lifting of hard surfaces such as paving, tarmac etc.


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